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EVOLVE Parenting Coaching

  Birth to 16 years Our private consultations enable you to work through parenting issues over one or more sessions, with an experienced Parent Practice facilitator. Our Parent Practice facilitator has 20 years’ experience of working with children and families. The facilitator will support you to handle the issues in a positive and constructive way.

 After each session you will receive a written action plan to tackle the area of concern.  

 These sessions can be delivered in your home on a one to one basis or with friends/family members; we can also offer telephone and Skype consultations.



Toilet training

Fussy eating

Temper tantrums


Managing/understanding your child’s behaviour at any age/stage of your child’s development. 

Troublesome teens 


(Packages and prices  available upon request) 

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IAIM Baby Massage

  6 Weeks to 6 Months Our Baby Massage course offers much more than just the practical strokes of how to massage your baby. Each weekly session covers the massage strokes and gentle stretches, as well as time for discussing relevant parenting topics. This discussion time is for mothers and fathers, to share ideas and experiences (if they choose to) and ask questions to the group and teacher. The usual things that parents want to talk about are: sleeping, feeding, feelings, demands of becoming a parent, crying and not being able to put their baby down.  Babies love to be held and touched by their parents; a daily massage provides the perfect opportunity to meet your baby’s needs through skin-to-skin contact and deepens the bond between you.

Regular baby massage aids relaxation and sleep, relieves wind and colic, promotes healthy development and physical well-being, leaving you feeling happy and connected with your baby.

The benefits of baby massage are practically endless; in fact it may be easier to say there are no non-benefits to massage. Countless research studies have been published documenting why massage for a baby is so vitally important, but it is the feedback from parents that we think is the most valuable.  

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EVOLVE Life Coaching

 At times we all need a little help.

Sometimes we need to make sense of a relationship that is not going well, or a job that is holding us back, or we are overcome with negative feelings of worthlessness, sadness or loneliness.

Sometimes we are trapped in a family drama, or a body that we are not happy with. Sometimes we are trapped by the things we thought we wanted but that no longer satisfy us.

Life Coaching will enable you to move your life forward, by helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of your present situation. You will learn to make informed decisions which are congruent to your values, helping you achieve the fulfilment and happiness you deserve.

Maybe it’s time to hit the REFRESH or the RESET button and give yourself a chance at a better, happier future.  

(Packages and prices  available upon request)

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