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Parent-Led refers to a package which offers advice, support and recommendations based on observation, with additional coaching where relevant. A specific plan is devised for 

your child or baby, and explained, but the implementation of the sleep training is then done by the parent. Each report is tailored specifically to your child, and longer home visits allow the consultant to help start the training and advice, before leaving parents to continue. For complex cases or older babies and children (6m+) home visits are usually recommended in preference to solely phone based consultation.

Consultant-Led options include observation, but the sleep training is implemented and undertaken by the consultant in the family's home. This is ideal for parents who are chronically sleep deprived and may be too tired to cope with the consistency and time that parent-led training requires. Consultant-Led training provides much faster results and allows the parents nights of solid sleep with plenty of recuperation, rest and relaxation time whilst the bulk of the work is done for them, allowing them to continue afterwards feeling refreshed and positive.   


These packages are intended for parents wishing to address behavioural challenges that are largely unconnected with sleep. Visits are conducted during the day and are very useful for issues such as defiance, sibling rivalry, tantrums, biting, socialisation problems, establishing routines, aggressive behaviour, jealousy etc.  Help for problems specifically involving eating, weaning and food refusal are dealt with in the Weaning and Eating packages rather than in Behavioural Management.


 Prices and Packages available on request  


 Prices and Packages available on request 


 Prices and Packages available on request 


 Prices and Packages available on request 


Why Motivation Coaching ?

Advising and Motivating people is my passion

I really love to inspire and motivate people, this come so natural to me, I spend most of day doing just that.  

I can guarantee that with one conversation with ME you will walk away feeling motivated and inspired to create change... THAT  is a PROMISE

To find out more about me, please see about Kelly at the end of website and so check 

www.lifeessence.uk which is my community investment company designed to help the community. 

If I can make something of my life then so can you!


So Why Motivational Life Coaching ?

At times we all need a little help.

Sometimes we need to make sense of a relationship that is not going well, or a job that is holding us back, or we are overcome with negative feelings of worthlessness, sadness or loneliness.

Sometimes we are trapped in a family drama, or a body that we are not happy with. Sometimes we are trapped by the things we thought we wanted but that no longer satisfy us.

Life Coaching will enable you to move your life forward, by helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of your present situation. You will learn to make informed decisions which are congruent to your values, helping you achieve the fulfillment and happiness you deserve.

Maybe it’s time to hit the REFRESH or the RESET button and give yourself a chance at a better, happier future. 


My coaching is a supportive environment for you to talk freely and confidentially, to fully explore your potential and address issues that may be holding you back. Coaching enables you to achieve what you want in your life, to gain both clarity and purpose and to empower you to pursue a life full of quality and meaning.

It is important that you find a life coach who can help you get the results you are looking for. That’s why my coaching is about helping you take control, to becoming pro-active and empowered to take full charge of your life.

Coaching will enable you to move your life forward by helping you to achieve a deeper understanding of your present situation, so you can make informed decisions congruent to your values, helping you achieve the fulfillment and happiness you desire and deserve.

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One Off Private Consultations
Our Private Consultations enable you to work through one or more sessions with an experienced Life Coach who will support you to handle the issues in a positive and constructive way. After each session you will receive a written action plan to tackle the area of concern. Each session lasts for 90 minutes and costs £75 per session. We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid a 50% charge.






When I met Kelleigh, I was receiving CBT for severe anxiety, I did not disclose this to  Kelleigh or anyone else because it was an extremely painful and sensitive place for me. Kelleigh knew I needed renewing of my mind without me saying anything to her, she would give me daily encouragement, her approach was sensitive but yet firm, there was no if's or buts when bringing my worries to God, I needed this! 

I was able to have a daily reminder or God's work and yet a daily reminder that I am worthy to be love because I am worthy of God's love, this gave me more confidence to be me and ask for what I wanted in my relationships, with work and even with my child's father who I co-parent with, all of which has resulted in being in a better place. 

When I began to ask for more in life and from myself I had forgotten how to ask, Kelleigh reassurance in my skills gave me the courage to do so, her willingness to want to speak for others, take risks, overcome challenges is one of many strong women that are examples of how to be a strong women in today's society sourcing strength from the lord! 
 Kelly is an  young entrepreneur who has created a Christian brand from the scratch. With hard work and dedication she managed to be successful within a short period of time building a following inclusive with all ages, her positively and confidence in God's works is infectious and a testimony to her success. And most surprisingly, she is still young. 

I believe God placed me near Kelleigh, so I can learn and grow not just how to be a stronger woman but also to be a better Christian!

TASH XOXO  28/11/2018

Stephanie and isla

 My daughter and I loved Kelleighs  baby massage course. During the 5 sessions we learnt lots of different massage stokes for baby's legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back. Kelleigh has a lot of experience working with children and families and was a fount of knowledge on so many child health and parenting topics (in addition to massage), and she had useful advice on many issues including sleep, routines, teething and weaning. Kelleigh took some lovely photos of us during the classes, which are nice keepsakes from the course.

I really enjoyed the time I spent one-on-one with Isla at the massage classes and getting to know the other friendly parents and babies in the class.

Thank you Kelleigh  for the baby massage course. I would highly recommend it to others. 


Bonnie and Orlando

Orlando really relaxed into this course, He loved it! This session really helped with his  colic and helped him to relax at home after bath time, as he used to always cry before we started these classes. 


Rachael and Ben

Met lots of my needs as a new mum, I am so grateful it's here! I learned new skills in a happy environment, improved time & relationship with baby and great teacher.  

October 2017  

Zanaba and Zack

This has been a life saver; I have 3 kids under 10 and really needed someone to help me. Kelleigh  was able to help me understand my children and their different needs, she gave me plans, tips and advice on how to get control of my kid’s behaviour and get a routine. Kelleigh is kind, patient, understanding and really easy to get advice from.



Having Kelleigh  as my life coach has been amazing, she is so easy to talk to and encouraging. I have grown in confidence and have been able to start my own business!


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Who is Kelly

EVOLVE Wellness and Being


  Be BOLD and EVOLVE  


 My name is Kelleigh; I love people and enjoy helping others to explore their strengths and desires, in ways which enable you to BE BOLD AND EVOLVE. My Life Coaching is delivered in a supportive environment for you to talk freely and confidently, to fully explore your potential and address issues that may be holding you back. My coaching enables you to achieve what you want in your life, to gain both clarity and purpose, and to empower you to pursue a life full of quality and meaning. It is important that you find a life coach who can help you get the results you are looking for, that’s why my coaching is about helping you to take control, to become pro-active and empowered to take full charge of your life. I come from a Nursery Nursing background and have 20 years’ experience of working with children and families. I have a keen passion for child development and I have worked with and managed services for children and families. I have also supported families with many aspects of parenting, which we all can find challenging at stages in our children’s lives. I have worked within the NHS and local authorities supporting families with health development and parenting skills, such as; to help children have the best start in life which enables them to grow healthy and achieve, all within the family home. I am also a fully trained facilitator in the Solihull Approach Parenting Group Understanding your child’s behaviour supporting parent/child relationships.

   I am a fully Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) with the International Association of Infant Massage. I have delivered group Baby Massage classes as part of the National Health Service project, as well as Private Baby Massage groups.


  • NNEB National Diploma in Child Studies (Nursery Nursing)
  • Higher Education Social Work
  • International Association of Infant Massage
  • NVQ Level 4 Working With Families with Multiple and Complex Needs
  • Family Partnership Model
  • ILM Leadership and management level 5
  • Family Group Conference facilitators training. 
  • Dip life coaching 
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Sleep, breastfeeding, weaning and oral health training. 
  • Solihull Parenting Programme

 DBS Checked, Company Number 11025678. PLI Covered   

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